Bits and Bites: Toronto

-The University of Toronto is big; the humanities building is pretty (the first floor has a green-and-gold colour scheme like something out of The Great Gatsby, old sport). As I wandered, I wondered how anybody knew which buildings belonged to the university, and which buildings belonged somewhere else. The university seems woven into the fabric of the city.
-I watched a group of sunglasses-toting, short-and-summer-shirt with sandal combo frat boys walk out of their frat house and right into a yacht club a block away. Had I been wearing something other than jeans and walking shoes, I may have attempted infiltrating that establishment, just to see how the living stereotype played out, but it was not meant to be.
-Overheard in a pub as I walked by: “roses are red-ish; violets are blue-ish.” I don’t have many regrets, but not hearing the end of that poem might be a feature on my death bed.
-Two women, one wearing My Neighbour Totoro leggings, the other wearing Corpse Bride leggings, cross paths in a moment I can only describe as fateful and very nerdy.

-Food trucks. My stomach is not big enough. They provided a complimentary tapestry of scents–from enticing to beguiling–in support of my 

-Tried Pho. Verdict: tasty. Recommendation: at least once before you die, but preferably more than that. Also, veggie spring rolls with peanut sauce may be in the top ten list of best foods.

-TARO BUBBLE TEA. Nectar of the gods, right at my fingertips. Gone too soon.

-Pub called “this is the place.” It wasn’t. At least, not for me. For someone, perhaps. I admit that I stood outside for a moment, seriously tempted to go inside, but I decided that wherever I was headed was more interesting than a pub informing me of its candidacy for being the place I was looking for. 

-I am staying in an apartment; in my immediate vicinity is a graphic novel store with more selection than I could possibly imagine, a cat café, a local market, a bike shop, several different themed pubs, and I can’t say I’m entirely sure where people live around here. The apartment building that I’m in blends into the cacophony; likewise, the other apartment buildings in the area are hidden behind storefront facades, or are otherwise (purposely?) nondescript. It is the antithesis of St. John’s, where the residences are painted rainbow to identify them as residences. 

-I can see the CN Tower but I have not attempted to walk to it. It is such a feature of the Torontonian skyline that it occupies a space of unreality, sort of like the Eiffel Tower–even when you see it, and stand near it, a part of you doubts that you could ever really be there. It reminds me of walking down the Las Vegas strip several years ago, the Mirage Hotel literally mirage-like as we approached endlessly without ever seeming to reach our destination. 

-Three squares of sidewalk in Little Italy ask: LOL vs. OMG? I am inclined to respond: LOL. It is clearly the superior acronym.


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